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Landscape Wall Blocks or Curbing?

Many have tried to frame a flower bed with the dreaded landscape wall block! Say 'no' to Landscape Wall Blocks!


A rundown of events:

  • Purchase blocks from home center

  • Lift heavy block after block into car, minivan, or truck.

  • Unload blocks

  • Shovel the area for base and flower bed, yard border

  • Stack blocks 2 or 3 rows high and realize not level and require another drive to pick up 10 blocks

  • Remove all blocks and redo to level

  • Take a 2 week break from all the fun

  • Stack blocks again and attempt to level

  • Total cost: $4-$7/block for small flower bed of 50 feet 2 rows deep = $750 - $1000


Give Sandlot a call and in less than 2 hours we will prepare your yard, custom carve and colour any design you desire for about the same price and a superior look. 

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