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The Process

2. We show up at the agreed upon time to prepare the area.  Lawn is removed or existing bed is edged.  If required, we will remove the old plastic edging.  Great care is taken to ensure a solid base. 


Using either a motorized bed edger or turf cutter we will prepare your area. For new yards often all that is required is a tamping of the soil .. which we take care of.  The yard to be prepped should be dry and sprinklers marked.

Sod is left for the owner to patch areas near the curb or for a small fee we can haul away excess sod.


3. Cement is mixed on site at the back of our trailer. Using landscaper's paint the design to be followed is carefully marked, flowing lines are crucial.  Cement is extruded using a specialized piece of equipment that is about the size of a small snow blower. Once the cement is in place we hand carve and shape according to the client's design wish.

Following clean-up, we seal the curb with acrylic sealer to maintain colour and shine. If desired we can return and seal in the future.

Most applications are complete within a few hours or less and maintenance free custom edging can be enjoyed for years to come.

1. On our first visit we  discuss the shape, stamp, or stone style and colour combinations for your application. We also review the yard, design and offer advice as required.  We have numerous colours, styles, and grout options.  If you find a photo you like we can match. Pricing is often discussed and agreed upon - no surprises, no extra fees, everything is included.
We can hand-carve your 'stone' curb to look like heavy field stone or elegant seamless granite. Our unique mix allows us to create your vision. Check out our extensive gallery of options. Clients can match the stone veneer that exists on their home! This is not your 1980s grey mower's edge!

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