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Congratulations on your beautiful landscape curbing! A few things to keep in mind now that the job is complete:

1. Excess concrete on either side of the curb: the 'flower-bed' side of the curb is often not cut away as it provides an excellent support for the curb and is usually covered by mulch or stone.  The 'grass-side' of the curb may have a small amount of dried concrete that we have cut away to allow for a clean grass edge.  We ask that the customer allows this front 'slag' to dry for a day or so before cleaning up. If we attempt to pick up the small excess while pouring it can often fall on the new curb and become unsightly.  Using a putty knife and a bucket this small excess dry concrete can be easily picked up. Many customers leave the excess as grass will often cover in a short time.

2. Your curb has been sealed with a very high grade cure and seal acrylic sealer. Quite often the curb can feel very solid but it may take several days for it to cure completely.  The sealer will be solid within minutes after spraying.

3. The colour of your curb will lighten over the next few days as the moisture evaporates and the concrete cures.  Immediately after completion curbs will look much darker than the final product.  Moisture and sealer have an immediate effect.  Subtle colouring used with our integral and secondary release colours will eventually show the true colour of the curb.

4.We strongly recommend a reseal every spring or fall to retain the colour of your curb. We always use colour in our mix and a secondary set of colours called 'release' colours on the curb.  We will fix any small colour loss due to weathering and freeze/thaw when you reseal with us.

5.When resealing, we use a very high quality acrylic sealer.  Curbs are lightly washed and scrubbed before retouching colours as required and then reapplication of the sealer is completed in two thin coats.  Flat work concrete driveways are often 'touched-up' with colour correction before sealing to ensure one doesn't seal in colour loss.

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