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Our latest project:

Happy New Year! 

The Crew at Sandlot is excited for 2024!
Decorative Concrete Curbing

Our landscape borders are at the intersection of quality, beauty and function.  Our customer's include some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Saskatoon.  Homes on Saskatchewan Crescent, beautiful acreages, and landscapers that have been in the business for 20+ years trust Sandlot Curbing.  Commercial properties, parks, schools, and golf courses represent our diverse client list.


Four key elements guide us: Design/Aesthetics, Construction and Finishing, Customer Satisfaction and Installation Process. Every customer from our 50 foot front yard to our 2000 foot acreage receive the same care and detail.






We want every homeowner to have a beautiful and unique border framing their landscape. Each of our projects is as individual as our customer. Colours, stamps, styles, hand carved concrete for an affordable price. We all have budget constraints and we can discuss options to fit your budget without compromising style or function. 

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