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Decorative Concrete Curbing

Are you looking for quality Decorative Concrete Curbing for your home, business or condo development?  Sandlot Curbing is Saskatoon's Premium Artisan Curbing Specialists.  

Some may remember the old plain grey 'Quick Curb' concrete edging of the 1980s. Carved 'stone' curbing is a modern, unique look that offers numerous colours and styles that fit your landscape.  Curbing does not need to look like curb!


This is what we do! We don't lay sod, install sprinklers or clear debris as a do-it-all landscape service.  We have been professionally trained to install custom decorative curbing specializing in Natural Stone Curbing.

Decorative concrete curbing replaces the plastic border, rocks or brick/block edging in your yard.  Curbing is a permanent solution that is both decorative and functional, creating a separation from flowerbeds, trees and other yard features.